JMF New Zealand Limited has been testing windows and doors since 2011 and is committed to creating value that rewards members for their commitment to the project.
This commitment enabled a number of significant milestones:
testing a suite of NZS:4211 compliant timber joinery
publishing of the JMF NZ Ltd Compliant Timber Joinery manufacturing manual
publishing of installation diagrams
Masterspec specification
The current joining fee is $12,000 + GST (including the Manual).
The joining fee is payable as a one-off payment, however JMF NZ Ltd reserves the right to collect and adjust revenue through tag sales, levies or royalties as deemed necessary and in line with company objectives.

The joining fee may be paid in full, or as follows with the mentioned restrictions:
Pay within 6 months at $2,000 + GST per month
JMF NZ Compliant Timber Joinery Manual will be available after settlement of $8,000 + GST
No recognition on the JMF NZ website until the joining fee is fully paid
No compliance tags will be issued until the joining fee is fully paid
Note: Non members must also become a financial member of Master Joiners to ensure protection of the IP.

JMFNZ Member companies will receive newsletters via links published on the website and email address included as an Affiliate Member on the website, unless you advise otherwise.

Click here for information about the Compliant Timber Joinery programme.

Click here to download the application form if you wish to apply to become a JMFNZ Affiliate.
Fill out the form, sign it then fax it to 06 650 6756 or mail it to the following address:
JMF New Zealand Limited,
20 Cambridge Terrace,
Napier 4112